Most of the tanks we install are AO Smith, we can install other brands but if you look at the  range in Water Heater Lifespan it’s pretty clear which tanks last the longest. The three models below are all AO Smith.

AO Smith GCG 50 400

Hot Water Heater GPG50400 hot water heater

This is the standard 50 gallon Atmospheric gas water heater with an operating cost  of $272 per year. The 40,000 BTU gas valve puts out 88 gallons of hot water for the first hour.

AO Smith GCR 50 400

The GCR has the same 40,000 BTU burner but is 2″ larger in diameter and has a 17 lb heavier shipping weight. This model uses 242 therms per year and is among the most efficient water heaters on stand alone gas models. The gas tanks that are more efficient than the GCR will usually require electricity.

GPR50400 AO Smith GPR50400 AO Smith installed in Lee's Summit

The GCR model is 2″ larger than the GCG and has an operating cost of $263 per year and produces 88 gallons of hot water for the first hour rating.

AO Smith GPVT 50 200

The total cost including installation  for the GPVT is usually 2x the cost of installing an atmospheric unit.

GPVT 50 200  Power Vent Leawood Kansas

The GPVT is a power vent water heater with a 50,000 BTU burner. With an impressive first hour rating of 96 gallons this EnergyStar water heater has an operating cost of $233 per year.