Water Heater energy rebates Kansas

Kansas offers a $300 rebate for water heaters that have a minimum of .82 Energy factor or a thermal efficiency of at least 90% on all gas and propane water heaters.

Most of the gas water heaters that are installed in Kansas are atmospheric vent and have an energy factor of .58-.59. Power vent water heaters start out at .62 EF, just because it’s a power vent doesn’t mean it’s energy star approved.

There is also a $300 rebate on electric water heaters that have an Energy Factor of 2.0 or greater.

How to apply for the rebate

1. Obtain information provided by installed that includes manufacturer information and energy ratings.

2. Get a receipt from the installer or purchaser.

3. Submit IRS form 5695 when you file your year end taxes.

What type of water heater is eligible for the rebate

In terms of gas water heaters there are only a few available that will meet the energy factor requirement for the rebate. A power vent water heater with a EF of .82 or higher is required. Ask about our Bradford White power vent energy star models available.
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