Safe Installation

Installation Requirements for Kansas City

When having a new water heater installed you should ask for rigid copper supply lines. No flexible copper or braided steel if you can help it. Also try to avoid using shark bite quick connect fittings. These types of fittings are especially prone to leaking around water heaters particularly on the hot water discharge line.

Most areas will require a thermal expansion tank to be installed or replaced when replacing the water heater. The thermal expansion tank has to be calibrated to work in conjunction with your Pressure Reducing Valve. A thermal expansion tank that is not installed or calibrated correctly will not function properly and may result in premature failure.

Water Pressure

img_1357 pressure reducing valve inside home

High water pressure can also cause a tank to fail prematurely. The first step in replacing any water heater is to first check the water pressure. A water pressure gauge is pictured above and can be purchased for around $15. If the water pressure is high a PRV should be installed to serve the entire house. If the PRV is accessible we will replace as part of a water heater installation package.

Flexible Connectors vs Hard Pipe

flexible connector Best water heater installation

We never install the flexible water heater connectors pictured on the left. These are time saving connectors that can fail years down the line. We have replaced several water heaters that were flooded due to a faulty water heater flex connector, usually around 7-10 years after they were installed.


Get Rid of Saddle Valves

IMG_1969 IMG_0908

The picture on the left shows a saddle valve that supplies water to the whole house humidifier. These valves can be problematic over time and are typically located right above the water heater. When working on the plumbing around or near these saddle valves you are better off to replace them with full port, solid body, brass shutoffs. We replace these at no additional charge.

Proper Venting

bad venting on a water heater Water heater flue 4

One of the biggest reasons that you should hire a professional to install your new water heater is to make sure the gas appliance is venting properly and not leaking carbon monoxide into your home. It’s not uncommon for us to replace the entire flue for both your furnace and water heater. We will have the parts ready to go on every job and usually only add cost to cover materials.

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