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Kenmore has made a reliable water heater for nearly the last 30 years. They have never been a popular choice for plumbers and builders, they have been a decent choice for many homeowners.

The biggest downside to having a Kenmore Water Heater installed in your home is if ever the water heater is in need of repair. There are many plumbers who do not work on Kenmore units due to the challenges in getting replacement parts. ¬†It’s actually much easier if you go through Sears for water heater repair. The downside to going with Sears is that they might not be available for repairs when you need them or could end up being more expensive than your go to plumber.

Most people don’t know that AO Smith has made all the Kenmore water heaters such as the Power Miser models. Other than the 3 year tank having a short life, the warranty length doesn’t have a tremendous impact on the average lifespan. All water heaters have to be able to withstand harsh conditions under high water pressure or thermal expansion. Any warranty beyond 6 years is a lot like buying an extended warranty for your car, meaning the product doesn’t have significant changes.

Kenmore Water Heater Repair Guide