Most of the tanks we install are US made Bradford White models. However we will be the first to tell you that there are only 3 main manufacturers of water heaters and generally they all make decent water heaters. The reason some brands have such a bad wrap is due to the environment they are installed in. A properly trained technician will address the most common issues that cause premature water heater failure.

  • Control water pressure by installing a new PRV
  • Be sure you have 12″ of rise off the vent before the first elbow
  • Common vented units require 4″ vent for most 40,000 BTU units
  • Install a thermal expansion tank where required
  • Never install a water heater with flexible connectors.


RG250T6N 50 Gallon 40,000 BTU Bradford White

 water heater installed by licensed plumber

RG250S6N 50 Gallon 50,000 BTU Bradford White

water heater

AO Smith GPVT 50 200

The total cost including installation  for the GPVT is usually 2x the cost of installing an atmospheric unit.

GPVT 50 200  Power Vent Leawood Kansas

The GPVT is a power vent water heater with a 50,000 BTU burner. With an impressive first hour rating of 96 gallons this EnergyStar water heater has an operating cost of $233 per year.