5 things to consider when choosing an installer

1. KC Water Heater service truck, stocked with all the right parts to ensure your job is completed properly. Not having the right materials such as replacement flue pipe might mean your rusty flue that should be replaced gets neglected.

Working out of a box truck you can be sure your new water heater is stored upright and will not be damaged before it even arrives to your home. We also stock repair parts for all tanks we install.


Not our truck below but I’m sure these tanks came out with a few scratches or dents.


2. Hire a professional that takes their time to thoroughly inspect your entire system. More than a dozen times I have taken the time to inspect the entire flue, especially if it goes off into a hard to reach corner of the basement. These two pictures are examples of a water heater flue that was not properly installed due to a lack of screws. This allowed the flue to come apart which vented carbon monoxide into the house.

Flue for water heater not venting out of house disconnected-flue-pipe-for-water-heater

3. A professional will know the signs of a backdrafting water heater. The top of this tank is discolored, one of the worst static pressure issues we have seen. We will take the time to explain why backdrafting occurs and how to fix the issue.

Backdraft on top of water heater

3. If your house has a PRV or pressure reducing valve check the date on the tag for a 4 digit number stamped in the bottom which indicates the week and year. If your PRV is more than 15 years old it’s time to replace it. If you replace the PRV at the same time as your water heater we can do it for the cost of materials.

pressure reducing valve inside home

4. We NEVER install flexible water heater connectors or Sharkbites, instead we use rigid copper. I have replaced dozens of water heaters less than 10 years old due to a faulty flexible water heater connector flooding the tank.


5. Water Pressure must be measured and the expansion tank must be  calibrated properly.  If your water pressure and expansion tank pressure are not in harmony the expansion tank is doing more harm than good.

ao smith hot water heater tanks img_1357