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One of the exciting features of the new AO Smith gas water heaters is the gas valve indicator light. The LED status indicator will let you know exactly what is wrong with the water heater. This means if you have a problem several years down the road you won’t have to guess when it comes to making a repair.

The AO Smith water heater also has a filter on the bottom of the tank that is designed to keep the intake clean and free of debris. Sometimes the filter can get clogged and may need to be cleaned with a vacuum.

The filter on the bottom of an AO Smith water heater is actually a pre-filter. The main filter or intake is located below the burner and can be cleaned with a long brush. You can also take a piece of tubing with a 90 and attach it to a shop vac.

AO Smith water heater repair


cleaning the intake on a gas water heater

If an AO Smith water heater will not produce hot water you should first determine if it’s a 100, 200, or 300 series. The most common problem is with the 100 series. Usually the pilot light will go out will not stay lit without holding on the black gas valve control. This indicates a bad thermocouple and will need to have the pilot assembly replaced.