Water Heaters Installed by a Licensed Master Plumber

KC Water Heaters is owned and operated by a licensed Master Plumber with a Fuel Gas Certification. We are a Google Guaranteed company which means our reviews have been verified and are fully qualified to complete the job.

As a locally owned company, we focus exclusively on Water Heaters. We  will come prepared with a well stocked truck and guarantee the highest quality on water heater installation and service.

There are 6 factors that should be considered when replacing a gas water heater. 

  1. 12″ rise and 4″ vent is recommended for atmospheric tanks.
  2. Flexible water connectors may fail faster than rigid copper.
  3. Backdraft testing and evaluation on every job.
  4. New ball valve installed and saddle valves removed.
  5. Thermal expansion tank may need installed.
  6. If the water Regulator is more than 12 years old, it may need placed.

Atmospheric Gas Water Heater Shawnee water heater replacement

A thermal expansion tank is required on closed loop systems. A thermal expansion tank must be supported and calibrated correctly. 

We  install a new PRV on almost every install to avoid the “yearly maintenance” that thermal expansion tanks may require. 

 Pressure Reducing Valve installed to regulate high water pressuredual tank setups


How old is my water heater?

My water heater is leaking, does it need replaced?

Do I need a thermal expansion tank?

Should I replace my PRV when replacing my water heater?


 Water heater with thermal expansion tank and recirculating line