Water Heaters Installed by a Licensed Plumber

KC Water Heaters is owned and operated by a licensed Master Plumber with a Fuel Gas Certification. We focus exclusively on Water Heaters which means we stock the right materials to make any necessary code upgrades to ensure the safest of installations.

There are 6 factors that should be considered when estimating cost to replace a water heater.

  1. 40,000 BTU Water Heater may require a 4″ flue.
  2. Flexible water connectors replaced with rigid copper.
  3. Gas line checked for leaks with quality digital testing devices. .
  4. New ball valve installed and saddle valves removed.
  5. Thermal expansion tank installed and set to match pressure.
  6. Unless the PRV is less than 10 years old, it should be replaced.

Incorrectly vented water heater Professional water heater install

A digital gas leak detection test can easily be performed to check both furnace and water heater for leaks. If you would like a free water pressure gauge you just have to ask. It’s our token of appreciation for taking the time to read our site.




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