Rheem Water Heaters Kansas City

Rheem Water Heaters in Kansas City

In the market for a reliable water heating solution? While KC Water Heaters specializes in servicing high-quality water heater brands, it’s important to be informed about all available options. Rheem Water Heaters, predominantly sold through Home Depot, might be an option you are considering.

Please note that KC Water Heaters does not typically install or perform repairs on Rheem units purchased from Home Depot. Many of these units experience issues due to improper installation, often resulting in voided warranties from the manufacturer. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to ensure your water heater is installed by a professional for optimal performance and longevity.

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About Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem offers a range of water heaters, including conventional tank models and heat pump models. Rheem heat pumps are a popular choice for homeowners seeking energy-efficient options. However, it’s worth noting that Rheem units sold through Home Depot often have plastic drain valves and burners with a heat output of 36,000 BTU instead of the industry-standard 40,000 BTU. These units can be less durable and efficient than other brands.

KC Water Heaters: Your Local Expert

At KC Water Heaters, we prioritize customer service and satisfaction. Unlike Rheem units from Home Depot, which direct customers to an 800 number for service, we provide personalized, local support for the water heaters we install. Each unit we install carries a sticker with our local phone number and the date of installation for easy reference.

For professional installation, maintenance, and service of high-quality water heaters in Kansas City, contact KC Water Heaters today. We’re here to help you make the best choice for your home’s hot water needs.