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We sell and install AO Smith water heaters throughout all of Kansas City. AO Smith has been a leader in water heaters for many years and has bought out several other companies that also manufacture water heaters.

thermal expansion tank installed on water heater AO Smith installed in Leawood Kansas

AO Smith has been know as a quality water heater that has been installed by plumbing professionals for years.


How Old is my AO Smith water heater?

Age of AO Smith water heater


Usually the third and fourth digit of the serial number will be the year of many of the AO Smith tanks. On several of the newer AO Smith tanks the build date is listed on the tank in standard format. The sticker above is from a water heater built in 1998.

The most common gas water we install was the AO Smith GCV 50 300 natural gas 50 gallon water heater. Since the new efficiency requirements the model number has changed to GCG50300. This 40,000 BTU water heater has a first hour delivery rate of 88 gallons and an estimated yearly operating cost of $272.  The anode rod in the GCG is pex infused.

High Efficiency Models

Most high efficiency models such as power vent and tankless water heaters vent out the side of the house instead of venting into the flue.  The Effex will make water heater replacement much easier than installing other Energy Star models.

AO Smith Water Heater Repair Guide