Cost to replace a Water Heater

*The following pricing only applies to houses built after the 1970’s. Many older homes will have atmospheric water heaters venting into a Masonry Chimney. In most cases a Flue Liner must be installed prior to installing a new water heater. (We recommend KC Chimney Service)

The most common installation is the Gold package. The differences between the Silver and Gold could have an impact on the warranty. The packages below do not include major changes to the venting.

Silver Package $1,100
-Bradford White 50 gal water heater installed
-6yr limited warranty
-Haul away of old tank
-New copper and fittings
-gas line code updates
-New 3/4" ball valve
-Must be open loop system.
-Minor adjustments to venting included.
-Water pressure must be below 80psi.
-Some cities may require a thermal expansion tank.
-Expansion tank would add $80 if required.
Gold Package $1280
-Complete Guarantee on parts, tank, labor for 6 years. 
-New PRV or Pressure Regulating Valve
-Thermal Expansion tank installed and support bracket
-New 3/4" ball valve
-Bradford White RG250T6N American made water heater
-Gas line code upgrades
-New copper and fittings for water heater
-Removing and hauling away old tank
-Upgraded ball valve with FIP
-Saddle valves for humidifier replaced
Venting is often replaced for both the water heater and furnace. Most houses to have code issues with venting so it's common for the venting to be completely replaced using 26ga metal, running 4" to the water heater and adding a double wall wye to the flue. The additional venting work usually adds about $100. 

If you would like to schedule an install we can usually get you scheduled within a few days. Install times are 9:00am or in the afternoon around 1:00pm. Installations usually take around 3 hours.

You may book an appointment through email at or you can call the answering service at (913) 962-7000 and provide your address and request to get on the schedule for a call back.

*6yr full labor warranty does not apply when a water softener has been installed as they significantly reduce water heater lifespan. 

Preferred Payment method is by Check, add 3% for Credit Card. 

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