Cost to replace a Water Heater

*The following pricing only applies to houses built after the 1970’s. Many older homes will have atmospheric water heaters venting into a Masonry Chimney. In most cases a Flue Liner must be installed prior to installing a new water heater. (We recommend KC Chimney Service)

Pricing on Standard Gas Water Heaters

$1045 40 Gallon Atmospheric Bradford White RG240T6N

$1065 50 Gallon Atmospheric Bradford White RG250T6N

Incorrectly vented water heater Professional water heater install

  • Replacing Saddle Valves near water heater connection
  • New 3/4″ Ball Valve Installed
  • Gas shutoff (if needed)
  • Drip leg (if needed)
  • Old tank hauled away and removed
  • Copper Pipe Connections
  • 6 year full labor warranty, covering all parts and labor without limitation
  • .62EF
  • 40,000 BTU burner
  • 88 ga First Hour Rating on 50 gal
  • 242 therms per year

System Upgrades

The system upgrades allow you to “set it and forget it”. We don’t want to come back out the following year to “calibrate” your expansion tank, flush your tank, or inspect your system. In fact you don’t have to do any maintenance at all to have the full warranty.

$100 – $150 Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)


A Pressure Reducing Valve protects every appliance in your house. Typically when the PRV goes bad first then the water heater starts to leak.

The PRV is recommended on nearly every new installation, the cost is usually determined by the ease of access. Installing a new PRV adds a 6 year labor warranty to the water heater.

If the  water pressure is above 80 psi a PRV is required. The PRV will help reduce the maintenance required for a Thermal Expansion Tank.

$80 Thermal Expansion Tank


A Thermal Expansion tank is required by all Manufacturers on all Closed Loop systems. A closed loop is created when there is a check valve in the water meter or a PRV in the system. The expansion tank should be calibrated to match the water pressure and will absorb additional volume that can accumulate from Thermal Expansion.

$45-$100 Venting Upgrade water heater & furnace


Many of the water heaters installed for new construction were not sized in accordance with Fuel Gas Requirements which may increase the chance of backdrafting.

If you have a 40,000 BTU atmospheric water heater common vented with a furnace there should usually be a 4″ vent installed. Typically the wye need to be replaced and it’s easier to replace the furnace vent in the process. Give your existing vent a squeeze when it’s not hot, you should be able to tell if the pipe is corroding from the inside out.

When adding a 4″ vent and connector rise to the new unit the furnace vent may also be replaced. Usually to replace the entire venting for the furnace and water heater it would add about $70 – $100. Running double wall up to the wye is preferred.

Total Price $1045-$1385 for a Professionally installed Bradford White, American Made, 40,000 BTU Atmospheric Water Heater 

If you would like to schedule an install we can usually get you scheduled within a day or two. Install times are 9:00am  around 1:00pm and usually take around 3 hours.

You may book an appointment through email at or you can call the answering service at (913) 962-7000 and provide your address and request to get on the schedule for a call back.

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