Orphaned Water Heaters: Understanding and Addressing the issue

The term “orphaned water heater” may not be common knowledge, but it’s crucial to understand for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your home heating system. At KC Water Heaters, we’re dedicated to providing homeowners with the necessary knowledge and services to tackle this often overlooked issue.

What is an Orphaned Water Heater?

An orphaned water heater refers to an atmospheric draft gas water heater that vents into a chimney or flue initially sized for either multiple appliances or a larger one. The vent must be adequately sized to maintain a positive draft, essential for the proper functioning of the water heater and for safety reasons.

The Importance of Correct Venting

Incorrect vent sizing can lead to inefficient operation of your water heater and even dangerous situations like carbon monoxide buildup, a harmful gas posing severe health risks. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure your water heater isn’t “orphaned” and its venting system is correctly sized and functioning.

The Role of Flue Liners

In some instances, we might recommend a flue liner to help generate the proper draft on the water heater, especially when venting into a masonry chimney. Chimneys can vary greatly in type and condition, and an appropriately sized and installed flue liner can help ensure safe and effective venting.

KC Water Heaters: Your Trusted Partner

At KC Water Heaters, we understand the nuances of water heater systems and their venting requirements. One of our key services for orphaned water heaters involves reworking the venting system to ensure it’s fit for purpose. In many older homes, an 80% efficient furnace and water heater would share a flue. However, if the furnace has been replaced with a high-efficiency unit, the water heater may become orphaned.

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Our experienced technicians can remove the old ‘wye’ that used to serve the old 80% furnace and rework the venting to suit the current setup, ensuring safe operation and improved efficiency. Trust KC Water Heaters for all of your water heater needs.

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