Fairway Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Understanding Fairway Water Heater Codes and Fees

Fairway is a community rich in history, which is reflected in its older homes. Many of these homes are built with masonry chimneys that have their own unique challenges when it comes to water heater installations. Below we outline some of the key requirements and options you may need to consider for a safe and efficient setup.

Key Requirements for a Normal Installation Include:

  • Inspection of masonry chimneys for any potential obstructions or decay that could impact safety.
  • Installation of a chimney liner may be needed for gas water heaters venting into masonry chimneys.
  • Alternative options like electric water heaters or high-efficiency gas water heaters that do not require chimney venting should be considered.
  • Vent connectors must adhere to fuel gas chart sizing tables.
  • At least 18″ of copper or PEX from the top of the water heater before transitioning to other materials.
  • Proper placement of Smoke detector & Carbon Monoxide detector near the mechanical room & bedrooms.

For additional information on building codes in Fairway, you can visit the local municipality’s website or give their office a call.

Water Heater Considerations in Fairway, KS

Due to the age and construction of many homes in Fairway, special attention needs to be given to the condition of masonry chimneys. Failing to properly vent a gas water heater can lead to safety risks, making it crucial to consider options such as chimney liners or alternative water heater types.

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