Water Heater Replacement & Installation in Leawood, KS

Understanding Leawood Water Heater Codes and Fees

In Leawood, the Building Codes department is responsible for overseeing water heater installations, ensuring both safety and functionality. Unlike some parts of Kansas City, Leawood often experiences water pressures that can exceed 80 psi, requiring additional considerations for your water heater system.

Key Requirements for a Water Heater Installation:

  • Installation of a thermal expansion tank on a closed-loop system
  • Water pressure should not exceed 80 psi
  • Vent connectors must follow fuel gas chart sizing tables
  • At least 18″ of copper from the top of the water heater before transitioning to PEX
  • Vent connector should be at least 6″ away from any combustibles
  • Smoke detector & Carbon Monoxide detector located near the mechanical room & bedrooms
  • Adequate combustion passage to basement and mechanical room required

For more details on these codes, visit the Leawood Building Codes website, or contact their office at (913) 642-6700 Water Heater extension “165”

Fees in Leawood:

  • Permit Fee: $80
  • Annual Business License Fee: $75

Water Pressure and Venting Considerations in Leawood

In old Leawood, there are unique challenges and considerations when it comes to water pressure and venting for your water heater installation.

High Water Pressure:

Most of Leawood experiences higher water pressure, which makes the installation of a thermal expansion tank almost a standard requirement. This ensures your water heater system remains efficient and prolongs its lifespan.

Masonry Chimney in Older Homes:

In the older sections of Leawood, particularly homes with stone foundations, additional care is needed when a gas water heater vents into a masonry chimney. A chimney liner is strongly recommended for these types of installations to enhance safety and efficiency.

Multiple Appliances in Larger Homes:

Leawood’s more substantial residences often have multiple water heaters and furnaces all venting into the same b-vent. Generally speaking, the fewer appliances sharing a single b-vent, the better. This minimizes the risk of backdrafting and ensures a safer and more efficient operation of all appliances.

Taking these considerations into account is crucial for both compliance with local building codes and the longevity of your water heater system. Our team at KC Water Heaters is well-versed in addressing these unique challenges specific to Leawood homes.

Choose KC Water Heaters for Your Leawood Water Heater Replacement

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