Water Heater Services in Lenexa, KS

Lenexa Water Heater Codes and Requirements

In Lenexa, specific building codes and requirements apply to water heater installations. One important requirement is the installation of thermal expansion tanks on closed loop systems. While older neighborhoods built in the 80s and 90s generally don’t have extremely high water pressure, it is still recommended to install a PRV and thermal expansion tank to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your water heater.

  • Installation of a thermal expansion tank for a closed-loop system.
  • Water pressure should not exceed 80psi.
  • Vent connectors must adhere to fuel gas chart sizing tables.
  • There should be 18″ of copper from the top of the water heater. No pex or plastic within 6″ of single wall venting.
  • Vent connector should be at least 6″ away from any combustibles.
  • Smoke detector & Carbon Monoxide detector located near mechanical room & bedrooms
  • Adequate combustion passage to basement and mechanical room required

You can find more information about Lenexa’s building codes on the official Lenexa City website or contact the Lenexa Community Development Department at (913) 477-7706 for any specific inquiries regarding water heater installations.

  • Permit Fee: $30
  • Annual Business License: $87

Expert Water Heater Services in Lenexa

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Water Quality in Lenexa KS and the Impact on water quality.

WaterOne provides high-quality water that consistently ranks among the country’s best. While some homeowners may choose to use a water softener, we typically do not recommend this for WaterOne customers. Over-conditioning the water can create a corrosive environment that may cause premature damage to water heaters.

Water Pressure in Lenexa, KS

Lenexa water pressure will vary from one area to the next. Generally the more developed, older portions of Lenexa will have normal water pressure in the range of around 75psi. This could allow for an open loop system that does not require a PRV or thermal expansion tank.

Newer portions of Lenexa such as Falcon Ridge or even farther West generally tend to have higher water pressure in excess of 80 psi. If the water pressure is high a PRV and thermal expansion tank is usually recommended.

Water Heater specialist for Lenexa, KS

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