Expert Water Heater Replacement and Installation in Liberty, MO

Understanding Liberty Water Heater Codes and Fees

In Liberty, local building codes oversee water heater installations to ensure both safety and functionality. With water pressures frequently exceeding 100 psi in newer homes, installing a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) is often crucial for system longevity.

Liberty, Mo Planning and Zoning

Annual business license fee: $50 (up to $100,000 in revenue)

Permit fee: $41

Key requirements for a normal installation include:

  • Installation of a thermal expansion tank on a closed-loop system
  • PRV replacement in older homes for proper pressure regulation
  • Vent connectors must adhere to fuel gas chart sizing tables
  • At least 18″ of copper from top of water heater before transitioning to PEX
  • Vent connector should be at least 6″ away from any combustibles
  • Smoke detector & Carbon Monoxide detector located near mechanical room & bedrooms
  • Adequate combustion passage to basement and mechanical room required

To learn more about these codes, contact the Liberty Building Codes office.

Water Pressure Considerations in Liberty, MO

Most of the water heaters we service in Liberty are in homes built within the last 20 years. These houses usually have water pressure exceeding 100 psi. Most were constructed with Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) to regulate this pressure. Older PRVs may need to be replaced to ensure your thermal expansion tank works as intended.

Additional Venting Considerations

In Liberty’s larger homes, it’s common to have multiple water heaters and furnaces all venting into the same B-vent. The fewer appliances you have connecting into the same B-vent, the better off you’ll be in preventing backdrafting issues.

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