Water Heater Services in Overland Park, KS

Overland Park Water Heater Codes and Fees

In Overland Park, the Building Codes Department oversee water heater installations to ensure safety and functionality of the system. KC Water Heaters can handle pulling the permit as well as ensuring that all requirements are met to meet Overland Park building code. Key requirements include:

  • Installation of a thermal expansion tank in a closed-loop system.
  • Water pressure should not exceed 80psi.
  • Vent connectors must adhere to fuel gas chart sizing tables.
  • There should be 18″ of copper from the top of the water heater. No pex or plastic within 6″ of single wall venting.
  • Vent connector should be at least 6″ away from any combustibles.
  • Smoke detector & Carbon Monoxide detector located near mechanical room & bedrooms
  • Adequate combustion passage to basement and mechanical room required

To learn more about these codes, visit the Overland Park Building Codes website, or contact their office at (913) 895-6225.

  • Permit Fee: $30
  • Annual Business License Fee: $0

We can help navigate these details for a smooth, proper water heater installation.

High Water Pressure in Overland Park

high water pressure in Overland Park, KS

Overland Park is known to have high water pressure from WaterOne, the water provider. Because of this, a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is typically recommended. This turns the house into a closed-loop system, which means a thermal expansion tank is almost always necessary in Overland Park, KS. However, it’s worth noting that with WaterOne, you do not have a check valve in the water meter. So if the incoming water pressure is less than 80psi, you may not have thermal expansion taking place at all.

Water Quality in Overland Park

WaterOne provides high-quality water that consistently ranks among the country’s best. While some homeowners may choose to use a water softener, we typically do not recommend this for WaterOne customers. Over-conditioning the water can create a corrosive environment that may cause premature damage to water heaters.

Old Overland Park vs. South Overland Park

Old Overland Park

Special Considerations for 75th & Metcalf : Homes Built in the 1950s and 1960s

In the charming neighborhoods around 75th and Metcalf in Overland Park, many homes hail from the 1950s and 1960s. While these homes bring a unique appeal, they can also bring unique challenges when it comes to water heater installation.

Many of these mid-century homes sit on crawl spaces or concrete slabs, requiring additional attention to venting during water heater installations. It’s crucial to examine the venting that extends into the attic, as issues here can impact the efficiency and safety of your water heater. In some cases, the available space may not allow enough clearance for a standard water heater. There may also be limited access to install a PRV or thermal expansion tank.

Some homes in this area originally had galvanized water lines, and while many have been replaced, some still have their original plumbing. When replacing a water heater in these homes, galvanized lines can sometimes become clogged. At KC Water Heaters, our experienced team manages this risk by slowly turning the water back on and using the best fixture to purge the air from the new unit. This careful technique helps ensure a smooth installation process and consistent water flow.

If your home has space restrictions, consider a tankless water heater. They offer great flexibility for installations in confined spaces, and they deliver reliable hot water on demand, making them a smart and efficient choice.

Mid Overland Park Homes: Built from the 1960s to 1990s

In the heart of Overland Park, homes primarily built between the 1960s and 1990s present their own set of considerations for water heater installation and maintenance. KC Water Heaters is experienced in addressing the specific needs of these homes.

These homes typically allow for relatively straightforward water heater replacement. However, elevated water pressure is a common occurrence in this area. So a thermal expansion tank and PRV is usually recommended. While this can be beneficial for your showers and appliances, it’s essential to monitor as excessive pressure can potentially harm your water heater and other plumbing fixtures.

Another aspect to consider is venting. If your water heater and furnace vent into a masonry chimney, we might recommend installing a chimney liner. This improves efficiency and safety, helping to protect your chimney structure from corrosive byproducts and ensuring proper venting of combustion gases. You may also consider an electric water heater or tankless water heater to avoid venting into a chimney that is in poor condition.

For homes in this area, we typically recommend replacing the gas shutoff valve during water heater installation. This ensures that you have a reliable, easy-to-operate valve in case you need to cut off the gas supply to your water heater.

South Overland Park

Multiple Water Heaters in One House

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In South Overland Park, with its newer homes, significant code upgrades usually aren’t necessary when replacing a water heater. However, we often see “orphaned” water heaters after the installation of a high-efficiency furnace. In these cases, we typically rework the venting for a single appliance.

Choose KC Water Heaters for your Overland Park Water Heater Replacement

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