Water Heater Services in Shawnee, KS

Understanding Shawnee, KS Water Heater Codes and Requirements

In Shawnee, the local Building Code Department oversee’s water heater installations to ensure safety and functionality of the system. Shawnee enforces the 2018 International Fuel Gas Code and 2018 Plumbing Code. KC Water Heaters can handle pulling the permit as well as ensuring that all requirements have been met for Shawnee, KS building code. Key requirements include:

  • Installation of thermal expansion tank on a closed_loop system.
  • Water pressure should not exceed 80 psi.
  • 18″ of copper off the top of the water heater. No pex within 6″ of pex tubing.
  • Smoke detector & Carbon Monoxide detector located near mechanical room and bedrooms.
  • Adequate combustion passage to basement and mechanical room.

If you have any questions regarding a Shawnee building code you can contact the codes department for clarification. For more information, you can visit their website here or contact them directly at (913) 742-6010.

Permit Fee: $35-$50 depending on project amount

Old Shawnee

In the older neighborhoods of Shawnee, which were developed between the 1960s and 1990s, water pressure is generally not a concern. The majority of homes in these areas do not experience high water pressure, and as a result, the need for thermal expansion tanks may not be necessary. However, it’s important to measure water pressure to determine if your specific system requires a thermal expansion tank or PRV.

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Western Shawnee

Western Shawnee, on the other hand, is known for having some of the highest water pressure in the entire Kansas City area. If you live in this part of Shawnee, it’s crucial to address the high water pressure when installing or replacing your water heater. Thermal expansion tanks are almost always required on closed loop systems in Western Shawnee to accommodate the elevated water pressure.

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Trust KC Water Heaters in Shawnee, KS

At KC Water Heaters, we are committed to providing exceptional service, professionalism, and expertise to our customers in Shawnee, KS. The owner Chase grew up in Shawnee and has extensive knowledge of the area, we understand the unique water heater needs of both older Shawnee neighborhoods and newer homes in Western Shawnee.

When you choose us for your water heater needs, you can expect:

  • Licensed and experienced technicians who prioritize your satisfaction.
  • Attention to detail and adherence to Shawnee building codes and regulations.
  • Transparent pricing and honest recommendations tailored to your specific situation.
  • Prompt and reliable service to ensure your hot water needs are met.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for water heater installation, repair, or replacement in Shawnee, KS. Experience the difference with KC Water Heaters and let us provide the exceptional service you deserve.